General Terms & Conditions


We trust you. We dislike asking you to agree to so many terms and conditions. But many of these terms and conditions are required by Swiss law and the rest are added to avoid misunderstandings which may negatively affect our relationship with you.

Platform for course offerings

The website (hereinafter, GoTua) is an online marketplace for courses. Such courses and the related instructor or school (hereinafter, the "Instructor"), use this website to offer their courses to the course attendees (hereinafter, the "Learners") and which thereby enable the Learner to verify whether the offerings meet their preferences.

Running this website, GoTua acts as a service provider for the Instructors. The service that GoTua offers to Learners is limited to granting access to the Instructor’s offerings and to booking and accepting payment for a course. As a result, GoTua's service towards Learners ends when the payment process is complete.

Agreement between you and Instructor

Having chosen the course that you want to book, you will enter into a direct agreement with the Instructor by submitting your personal details and completing the booking and payment processes.

The agreement between you and the Instructor will be governed by these Terms and Conditions and by the cancellation policy of the Instructor.

Neither your use of the GoTua website nor the completion of any step of the booking process will result in any contractual relationship between you and GoTua.

No Guarantee for the Content of the Website

GoTua endeavors to ensure that all information contained in this website is correct. However, this website contains course information which GoTua cannot verify or control so we cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information given.

In particular, GoTua does not verify or control the course information (including, without limitation, course content, course fees, instructor qualifications, course facilities, course dates and course time) which Instructors submit to this website and the accuracy of which falls within the sole responsibility of the Instructors. Therefore, the courses and fees listed are not binding until confirmed by the Instructor.

The right is reserved to change the information contained in this website at any time without prior notice.

Payment Method

GoTua uses the worldwide payment processor, Stripe, to process your payment. Your payment data is collected by Stripe but is not accessible to GoTua. Stripe has its own strict privacy policy and your payment information and personal details will not be shared with any other party at any time. See Stripe’s privacy policy here.


By Learner

GoTua does not accept course cancellations from Learners. Cancellations or changes to your booking for a course will be subject to the policies of the Instructor and must be arranged directly with the Instructor. All cancellations will be charged a cancellation fee if the Instructor’s policies allow for any refund at all.

By Instructor

In order to operate courses under optimal conditions, Instructors often set a minimum and maximum number of participants for each course. If the number of participants is insufficient, the course may be cancelled. If a course is canceled by an Instructor, GoTua contractually requires that the Instructor reimburse the full course fee to you or allow you to apply the full course fee to another course offered by the Instructor.

Hyperlinks to this website

Unless installed on websites that include criminal, pornographic, erotic, racist or otherwise offensive content, GoTua welcomes hyperlinks to this website on other websites, provided that GoTua is notified in advance about any hyperlink to this website.


Please refer to the GoTua Privacy Policy here.


For the avoidance of doubt as there will be no contractual agreement between you and GoTua, GoTua will process your personal data as the data processor of the Instructors. Because GoTua does not control or verify the course information that instructors submit to this website (including, without limitation, the course content, course fees, course facilities, instructor qualifications, course date and time, and availability of the course), GoTua shall neither be liable for (i) the accuracy of any course information shown on this website, nor for (ii) any failure or delay in the transmission of any data submitted to this website nor for (iii) the refunding of any fees due to course cancelation nor for (iv) any activities or issues that may arise during any course.

Governing law

These ‘Terms and Conditions’ shall be governed by the laws of Canton Aargau in Switzerland.


The entire content of this website is the property of GoTua except for images and logos uploaded by our instructors. The storage, reproduction or any other use of photographs, logos, photos, texts or design, including the Instructors’ images and logos, is prohibited without our written consent.

Data Protection

The personal and payment data you enter when you use this website will be used exclusively by GoTua and our payment processor, Stripe, and will not be passed on to other parties. See Stripe’s data protection policy here.

Technical Problems

GoTua will endeavor to solve technical problems as quickly as possible. However, GoTua cannot be held liable for difficulties that arise during the use of this website due to problems with our server, by Internet malfunction or by actions of third parties, including our payment processor, Stripe.

E-mail Traffic

By registering with GoTua and giving us your e-mail address, you agree to accept correspondence by e-mail. At any time you may unsubscribe from any newsletters, blogs or other periodic emails we may send you. However, all receipts and payment confirmations will be sent to you via email.

Contact Information

GoTua GmbH is registered in the Canton of Aargau, Switzerland. Our contact information is:

GoTua GmbH
Bahnhofstrasse 15
4310 Rheinfelden, AG

Tel: +41 (0)61 831 00 49