About us




It's not always easy to search and find local courses and activities in a convenient and simple way. So, we decided to create Gotua for everyone like us, out there, looking for fun things to do, meet people, find activities for children or even professional courses. Gotua's vision is to be a glocal one stop shop for our community to Explore, Connect and Enrich their lives.


"I grew up in the U.S. and relocated to Basel, Switzerland for my career. I was alone and always enjoyed learning new things but it was difficult to find courses and events around Basel. Before moving to Switzerland, there were easy ways to find activities in the U.S.  After hearing many people say they also had difficulty finding things to do, the idea to create a platform similar to those already available in the U.S. was born. One goal of mine was to get people out the door and interacting face to face because we spend so much time sitting on our butts at work, watching TV, gaming or on our computers, laptops and tablets. And so GoTua was born."

Rebecca Heid

American, mother, MBA, serial entrepreneur, dog-lover, bookworm, ....


Having lived most of my life in different countries, I was exposed to a multitude of cultures that deeply influenced who I am today. My life experiences and my passion to continuously learn and create, lead me to join Rebecca in starting Gotua. I believe we developed a good solution to simplify learning sharing and provide our community an easy access to more local and fun experiences". 

Vasco Benito Garcia

Portuguese, father, MBA, serial entrepreneur, fado singer, love friends and social life,...